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Signs It’s Time to Call an Arborist

To avoid any future tree problems, it’s important to regularly inspect your trees. While doing this, you might notice that some have started to show signs of damage and are no longer in good condition. If this has happened to your trees, but you’re not sure what the problem is, or if some of your trees have already been affected by the disease, it’s time to call for a tree service provider.

Here are some signs that it’s time to call a tree specialist:

You see damage

If you notice tree damage, especially if it’s near electrical lines or if the tree is in your yard and has caused damage to your garden, you’ll want to call for a tree removal company as soon as possible. This is because you’ll need to repair the damage before experts can start working on removing the tree.

You notice tree diseases

You might notice tree diseases when you inspect your trees. If you notice these diseases and there’s an unusual sound coming from the base of the tree, or if the tree is dying and falling, you’ll want to call a tree removal company right away. This is because some tree diseases can spread quickly, which means that if you don’t act quickly enough, you could lose all of your trees.

You notice a large number of dead branches

If you see a large number of dead branches on your trees, especially if they’re near the top or are dead limbs, you’ll want to call a tree removal company right away. This is because these branches are dangerous, and if they fall, they can cause damage to your house or your neighbor’s property.

If you notice these signs, and you want to make sure that you get rid of your tree and prevent it from causing damage, call Oak Tree Service, LLC. We are based in Marietta, GA, and we offer a professional tree service to our customers in the area. Get in touch with us today at (678) 203-6690!